Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp seed oil has been reputed for its ability to help with a wide range of conditions, but how true are these claims? This guide will cover what you need to know about hemp seed oil, including going over some of its claimed benefits, the best hemp seed oil supplement, and the best hemp seed oil for skin.

What is Hemp Seed Oil?

Hemp seed oil, as you would expect from its nomenclature, is an oil that is manufactured through the pressing of hemp seeds. Hemp is a plant that is related to cannabis but contains no compounds such as THC. This oil can be either refined or unrefined, which will impact its appearance.

In the case of unrefined hemp seed oil, the colour will range from light green to entirely clear because of the lack of plant matter in the oil. On the other hand, if the oil is unrefined, it will be a light to dark green with yellow highlights, with darker oils containing more plant matter.

The larger amount of plant matter in unrefined hemp seed oil makes it taste more plant-like and grassy. If you’re not a fan of the earthy flavour of other oils, you’ll be better off using refined hemp oil. Nearly half of an unpressed hempseed’s weight consists of edible oil with a wide range of nutrients.

Hemp seed oil features a relatively low smoke point, which makes it unsuitable for use as a frying oil. However, organic hemp seed oil is usually used as a supplement due to the nutrients that it contains as well as a food oil when garnishing salads and other dishes.

Health Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil Capsules

Hemp Seed Oil for Cleansing Skin

Hemp seed oil has a range of benefits when it comes to ensuring that your skin is as healthy as possible. For example, it helps moderate your skin’s oil production by hydrating it and ensuring that it has a more balanced amount of oil, especially if your skin is usually dry. Overly dry skin will usually produce too much oil

When your skin produces too much oil, that also increases the amount of acne that you’ll have to deal with. This is because the oil that your skin is producing will clog your pores, which will lead to an accumulation of sebum beneath the skin that will go on to become acne, typically whiteheads.

Hemp Seed oil for Cancer Patients

Hemp seed oil is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties thanks to the presence of gamma linoleic acid (GLA) in it. This acid is responsible for cutting back on the body’s production of inflammatory messengers, and it can help with a range of diseases, including cancer.

While hemp seed oil will not cure cancer, its anti-inflammatory properties mean that it will help reduce the pain that a patient experiences due to their cancer symptoms. Many cancers cause inflammation in the surrounding tissues, which leads to additional pain as well as damage to the tissues.

Hemp Seed Oil for Toddlers

Hemp seed oil is generally safe for use by toddlers, though it is essential to ensure that no residual THC is left in it due to the pressing process. If giving hemp seed oil to toddlers, be sure to check in with your paediatrician and only use trusted brands to reduce the likelihood of residual THC.

This oil can have a range of benefits for toddlers due to the wide range of healthy nutrients that it contains, such as omega 3-6 fatty acids, zin, iron, magnesium, calcium, protein, as well as vitamins B, D, and E. This can help ensure that a child grows up and develops healthily due to a good balance of nutrients.

Difference Between CBD Oil and Hemp Seed Oil

The main difference between CBD oil and hemp seed oil is that the former is designed to contain a certain amount of CBD. In many cases, hemp seed oil won’t feature any CBD in it or will only have trace amounts of the compound. Hemp seed oil is mainly used as a source of healthy nutrients instead of a source of cannabinoids.

Does Hemp Seed Oil Make You Gain Weight?

Hemp seed oil itself will rarely make you gain weight due to its calories, especially since your average hemp seed oil capsule will contain about ten calories worth of oil. Also, unlike CBD, hemp seed oil doesn’t have the potential to increase your appetite, so it shouldn’t have any untoward effects on your fitness.

Hemp Seed Oil Omega 3 and 6

Hemp seed oil is a great source of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, both of which have been proven to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, doubling down on the healthy effects of the other nutrients in hemp seed oil.

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