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1500mg Pure CBD Oil Tincture – 30ml | 0% THC

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1500mg Pure CBD Oil Tincture – 30ml | 0% THC

Been using the products for over a while now. It’s hard to imagine not using the...

Alexandra Eldredge

1000mg CBD Muscle & Joint Balm | 0% THC

Regular price £43.00
Regular price Sale price £43.00
1000mg CBD Muscle & Joint Balm | 0% THC
Great for pain management

The muscle balm is one of the best products I’ve used to aid recovery and help pain management. I would recommend to anyone who trains frequently. It’s Brilliant.


Unwind Nootropic Capsules

Regular price £30.00
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Unwind Nootropic Capsules
Wake up feeling refreshed

I can already see my deep sleep and REM has improved massively.


Mind & Body Mushroom Blend Nootropic Capsules

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Mind & Body Mushroom Blend Nootropic Capsules
Sold out
Helps me focus

I am much more focussed, centred and able to concentrate during the day with the Mind Body mushroom capsules.


Destress CBD & Nootropic Oil

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Destress CBD & Nootropic Oil
So impressed by the results

I feel so much calmer and am very impressed with how quickly I began to see the effects.


The Puresport Story

“Puresport was the worlds first range of natural products certified for drug tested athletes, my vision was to use this platform to introduce the wider world to the power of innovative and truly effective natural products.

As a pro athlete for 14 years I lived on pain killers, this is no way to live. Puresports driving force is to break that quick fix mentality and educate the world on preventative and sustainable health. If life’s the playing field, every single one of us are the athlete. Living optimally is for us all.”



Natural Adaptogens

Improve cognitive function

Enhance focus + creativity

Optimise neurons + brain-messaging

Improve memory + long-term brain health

Works with pain receptors as natural pain-killer

Anti-inflammatory properties target injury + inflammation

Helps reduce cortisol levels to manage stress + anxiety

Balances sleep hormones for deeper , more refreshingsleep

Supports a healthy gut microbiome for good guts health

Adapt to brain + body to optimise functionality

Optimises neurotransmitters in the brain

Help balance and regulate sleep cycle

Strengthens immunity + gut microbiome

Supports hormonal regulation for menopause + menstruation

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  • CBD is one of the natural compounds found in cannabis plants. It is completely legal, non-addictive, and contains no psychoactive compounds. Millions of people have discovered the profound benefits CBD can have on a range of concerns such as pain-relief, stress-relief, recovery after workouts, better sleep, heightened focus, and better moods. This means CBD has revolutionised wellness, through allowing people to reconnect with natural wellness, as a trusted, scientific alternative to prescription or over-the-counter medications.

  • THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the compound in cannabis that is psychoactive. This means it can get you ‘high’, and is illegal in most countries. Puresport CBD is 0% THC, meaning there are no traces of THC in our CBD. This is verified by three separate independent labs. Further details of our stringent triple-batch testing can be found in our lab reports, which can be found below.

  • The main difference between CBD & THC is that CBD is legal in most countries, as it is non psychoactive (this means it doesn’t get you ‘high’). THC on the other hand, is psychoactive, meaning it does get you ‘high’, and is illegal in most countries. Another main difference is that people use CBD to enhance their wellness in relation to issues such sleep, muscle recovery, pain, stress, energy levels, and concentration. Whereas, most people taking THC will do so for recreational purposes.

  • WADA is the World Anti-Doping Association. Their job is to monitor and prevent the usage of performance enhancing, illegal drugs in athletes. As CBD contains 0% THC, it is not classed as a banned substance. It is WADA’s role to maintain these standards, and the stringent testing CBD is subject to. Puresport is the most tested and trusted CBD in the world, setting and raising industry standards due to our rigorous testing process, and complete transparency in how we make our CBD and what is in it.

  • Puresport’s CBD is subject to rigorous third party testing. Products are tested by three separate, independent laboratories throughout Europe. This ensures products meet label-claims, contain 0% THC, and are free from other chemicals and additives such as synthetic cannabinoids, herbicides, pesticides, and heavy metals. All products are also vegan, GMO free & gluten free. Puresport has a range of products which have been approved by the BSCG (Banned Substance Control Group). Although all of Puresport's products contain 0% THC, this specific range has been further tested and approved for usage by drug-tested athletes and professionals. This range includes 1500mg CBD Ginger & Turmeric Capsules, 1000mg Muscle & Joint Balm, 1500mg CBD Oil & 3000mg CBD Oil (as well as all of our adaptogens).

  • CBD binds to the body’s endocannabinoid receptors, these are responsible for a range physiological responses such as pain-reception, concentration, appetite, mood, memory & more. As CBD is a natural product, it affects each person differently, meaning the time taken to feel benefits varies from person to person. We recommend taking CBD on a mid to long term basis, as the benefits compound - meaning the longer you take it for, the more it can benefit you.

  • Adaptogens are naturally occurring compounds (often plants, or herbs), which can have profound benefits in helping a range of wellness concerns. Adaptogens ‘adapt’ to you body and mind, meaning they can work with your hormones, and brain receptors to help optimise you physical and mental functioning.

  • Nootropics are a specific type of adaptogen, which specifically help cognitive functioning. This means Nootropics are used by people to aid concentration, focus, and creativity, and can help the mind deal with stress and anxiety. For this reason they are sometimes referred to as ‘study-drugs’ or ‘smart-drugs’. Nootropics are completely legal, and naturally occurring compounds, often derived from plants, herbs, or fungi.

  • Medicinal mushrooms are naturally occurring fungi including mushrooms you may have heard of like Lions Mane, Reishi, Shiitake, and Chaga. Medicinal mushrooms are not psilocybin mushrooms (magic mushrooms). This means (unlike magic mushrooms) they are completely legal, with no psychoactive properties - so they don’t get you high. Medicinal mushrooms are benefitting millions of people globally through their profound ability to work with the hormones and receptors in your brain to help optimise your mental and physical response to factors such as stress, focus, creativity & concentration.

  • Medicinal mushrooms are not psilocybin mushrooms (‘magic’ mushrooms). This means (unlike ‘magic’ mushrooms) they are completely legal, with no psychoactive properties - so they don’t get you high. Medicinal mushrooms are commonly used to enhance health and wellbeing, whereas ‘magic’ mushrooms are ordinarily taken recreationally.

  • Puresport has crafted a range of nootropic and adaptogenic supplements, designs to nourish health and wellbeing. All of our supplements are in capsule-form, designed to be taken 1-2 times daily with water. The time of day when the capsule is to be taken can vary depending on the desired outcome. Puresport products are created to be taken in conjunction with each other, aiming to compound potential benefits of adaptogens and nootropics, to have overall health and wellbeing benefits. Adaptogen and nootropic supplements can be taken in conjunction with CBD. Do not exceed more than 70mg of CBD per day. We recommend consulting a medical professional before introducing any new substance into routine.

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