CBD and Your Workout Routine

CBD (cannabidiol) is becoming renowned as a revolutionary product in the world of fitness; it is not only aiding users’ recovery and physical well-being, but also assisting their mental wellness too. It can act as a catalyst for restoring energy levels and ensuring a good night’s sleep pre-workout, and can also remedy any residual pain or fatigue following your session.

It is therefore an extremely versatile addition to anyone’s recovery process, regardless of athletic experience or training schedule. CBD’s ability to accelerate recovery time allows athletes to be ready to tackle their next round of training with vim and vigour.

Taking CBD For Sports And Active Lifestyles

For those who are regularly involved in a sporting and active lifestyle, physical exertion can lead to severe muscle fatigue following workouts. When certain muscles and tissues have been worked, they become inflamed and sore. The CBD within our products attaches to certain neuroreceptors in the brain, doing so without producing any psychoactive side effects since they contain 0% THC. As a result of these chemical interactions, our athletes have found that their bodies are able to quickly mitigate the stresses imposed by their workouts.

For example, Team GB sprinter and former European Champion Harry Aikines-Aryeetey regularly uses our 3000mg CBD oil following an intense day of work on the track. This supplement helps his body recover and ensure optimum performance for the following day’s pursuits.

Founder Grayson Hart with Team GB Sprinter and Pure Sport Ambassador Harry Aikines-Aryeetey

Our CBD muscle balm can be directly applied post-workout in order to soothe fatigued muscles. It can also be dissolved into a hot bath; this allows the CBD to be more readily absorbed by the body and better access the areas of pain and inflammation.      

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Fitness Benefits Of CBD

It has been suggested from formative research that taking CBD improves the body’s performance when engaging in various forms of exercise.

For example, CBD’s potential to soothe inflammation means that it can be used as a recovery supplement, in particular in its ability to expedite muscle repair following strenuous workouts. The corollary pain of damaged muscle tissue that is a by-product of any form of resistance training may be reduced by the regular taking of CBD.

It’s also been proposed that CBD can generally improve athletes’ stamina, allowing the user to continue to exercise to the same demanding capacity for longer, with less and less time required in between for recovery time. Resultantly, this allows your body to recover and consolidate muscle gains more efficiently. CBD thus can act as an invigorating agent for various athletes, not only facilitating quick recovery, but also creating a more prepared mindset with which to approach training. By creating the optimal physiological and mental conditions for exercise, CBD can be utilised to take your training and sporting endeavours to the next level.

Using CBD Before Your Workout

CBD In Increasing Users’ Concentration Pre-Workout:

What’s more, since CBD is associated with reducing stress and overthinking it is also believed to assist in increasing athletes’ capacity to focus during a workout. As it also acts as a destressing mechanism, it helps muscles relax and become less tense prior to engaging in further exercise. This calming function naturally allows users to hone in on what really matters, and block out those overthinking tendencies usually associated with high levels of anxiety. We would highly recommend taking our BOOST oil in tandem with a morning coffee: this nootropic is packed with organic stimulants that enhance cognitive abilities such as ginseng and lion’s mane.

Using CBD For Recovering After Your Workouts

Soothing Muscles And Reducing Inflammation:

Pure Sport’s CBD muscle balm provides relief from joint pain and inflammation that can occur following intense workouts. Furthermore, the CBD also relieves pain felt from joint discomfort that is often experienced by older people. On one of our online videos, you can see the revolutionary effect that our CBD 1000mg muscle balm has on 83 year-old Pat Jones. After undergoing both hip and knee replacement surgery over the past decade, Pat had previously experienced pain when doing everyday tasks. Yet, after using the balm, this pain and inflammation had become significantly reduced.

CBD In Promoting A Good Night’s Sleep:

There have been various studies completed that reinforce CBD’s positive effect on people’s quality of sleep. By calming nerves and reducing the body’s cortisol levels, both our CBD oils and also our UNWIND nootropics act as adaptogens which help the body negate various potential stressors. The regular taking of these products can help regulate your body’s physiological and mental processes, including your sleep cycle. A very popular combination for improved sleep quality is our UNWIND capsules and our 1500mg CBD oil: by taking these products in the half hour before retiring to bed your mind will be calmed and comforted.

In the recent hot weather, many people who undertake exercise have found their recovery hampered by severe lack of sleep. In order to overcome the discomfort felt during these humid nights, we have produced a Super Sleep Bundle including our UNWIND capsules and a 1500mg CBD Oil. Our UNWIND capsules are full of natural adaptogens and organic ingredients that aid relaxation whilst also conferring many other therapeutic benefits on the user. We recommend taking two capsules in the evening to help achieve a consistent and deep sleep.

Other Potential Benefits Of CBD

CBD’s Role In Reducing Blood Pressure:

Although the research on this is in its preliminary stages, it has been suggested that using CBD prior to physical exercise can contribute to reducing blood pressure. Resultantly, this reduction in blood pressure allows for a more healthy and efficient bodily response during a workout. Since the blood pressure is lowered, the force and stress on your arteries decreases and blood flow is at a more healthy rate.

CBD And Its Effect On Anxiety:

The benefits of CBD are not just limited to physiological wellbeing but also can help alleviate stress and anxiety by relaxing the mind. CBD activates the serotonin receptors in the brain’s nervous system, producing more of this hormone which is responsible for regulating mood. As a result, CBD may have a direct effect in boosting people’s positive responses to stressful situations, also allowing users to remain more present during testing times. By connecting to certain neurotransmitters that increase the production of oxytocin and serotonin, CBD has been suggested to alleviate anxiety and its corollary symptoms. This can lead to reduction of sweating, loss of breath, relaxing of tense muscles and also in palliating the pain of cluster headaches.

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How Much CBD Should You Take Before And After Your Workouts?

We believe that our CBD products should be used in a very personal way and that there is no one-size-fits-all prescribed dosage. Factors such as height, weight, age, and the intensity of pain need to be taken into consideration when taking CBD.

For example, we would suggest taking 0.2-0.4ml of our 1000mg CBD oil to get started; this dosage should be taken by administering a few drops under your tongue around 30-60 minutes before going to bed. If this concentration is too small and not producing the desired effect, then you can either double the amount taken or scale up to our 2000mg CBD oil.

The time it takes for CBD to become effective is conditional upon the user, but after frequently taking our products the body does develop a more consistent response. A rough estimate is that it takes around 30 minutes (CBD oil) and 120 minutes (CBD capsules) for the effects to be fully experienced.


Explore Pure Sport CBD And Nootropic Range

Improve your workouts today with Pure Sport’s CBD oil and Nootropics products. All of our products are made from nature’s purest ingredients, and also include some of the most revolutionary organic adaptogens that help rebalance your hormonal responses to stress, anxiety, and fatigue. We wholly believe that in order to reach your potential during a workout your mind needs to be in a healthy and focussed state; our products help to facilitate an alert mindset geared for optimal concentration.

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