48 Marathons In 30 Days: The Recovery Regime That Made It Possible For World Record Breaker, Will Goodge

48 Marathons In 30 Days: The Recovery Regime That Made It Possible For World Record Breaker, Will Goodge

A single marathon a pretty incredible achievement, right, but 48 in 30 days? Sounds impossible...

Not for our own Will Goodge, Puresport’s head running coach.

Kicking off with a 26.2 mile run in Tyne & Wear on September 4 2021, Will proceeded to tour the country in a decked out live-in van, along with his support crew Charlie, Josh and Robbie, running one or two marathons, every single day. The London Marathon on October 3 rounded off Will’s world record-breaking run challenge, which he managed to complete in an impressive 3 hours 6 minutes.

With runners still hobbling days after crossing the line at the capital’s infamous marathon, Will was back in the gym just two days later. This is how…

Will’s Recovery Regime

CBD Muscle Rubs 

‘I used this every morning before I ran along with the Puresport 1000mg Pure Freeze Roll On. Both of these provide instant relief and during my challenge, they helped me swerve any inflammation so my muscles and joints were free from pain,’ explains Will.

The Puresport Muscle & Joint Balm takes Puresport’s premium 0% THC CBD Oil and combines it with some of nature’s most potent ingredients; Lavender, Wintergreen, Peppermint, Lemongrass and more. These are all essential oils said to aid with pain relief and relaxation.

CBD Muscle Rub

A Nap A Day

Will reveals that after running, he took Puresport Unwind Capsules. ‘Then I was getting a 30 to 40 minute NuCalm nap in the van after runs, as we travelled between marathon destinations. It was like hitting the reset button, and allowed me to wake up feeling ready mentally to go for my second marathon of the day, or enjoy the rest.’
Will turned to NuCalm, a patented technology within an app that helps put your brain into alpha and theta states; essentially deep meditation and sleep.

Restorative Massage

Rather than having a masseuse on hand, Will went for a more readily accessible method: the Gua Sha.

A Gua Sha is a round small stone which is scraped over the body and face to help increase blood flow to the area. By driving oxygen to key pain points, Will was able to keep his body feeling fresh, and decrease recovery time.

Gua Sha For Body

8 Hours Of Solid Sleep Each Night

A good night’s rest is a crucial element of recovery.
Will opted for Puresport 1000mg CBD oil before bed to help him switch off.
‘You would think pushing so hard physically every day would make sleep easy, but my central nervous system was in a state of shock. Winding down was crucial to ensure that I could get up and keep running every day. I needed a solid 8 hours every night, which I got thanks to Puresport CBD oil and Puresport Reishi Capsules. CBD helps to reduce inflammation in the body, and also re-balances hormonal spikes - such as excess cortisol and adrenaline levels. Reishi is also another great ingredient for sleep, it is a medicinal mushroom which has actually been found to increase the duration and quality of your NREM sleep. This is the deepest and most restorative sleep stage, meaning it's the time when most of your growth hormone is triggered. This is key in helping to repair cells, in both the brain and body, meaning you can recover to your very best.' 

Reishi For Sleep

Implementing all of the above, every day, allowed Will to smash his month-long feat without picking up any injuries.

Well done Will, we’re proud of you!

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