4 Essential Vitamins & Minerals Your Body Needs Daily

4 Essential Vitamins & Minerals Your Body Needs Daily

Vitamins, Minerals & Your Wellbeing:

It can be easy to be overwhelmed by the wide range of health and wellbeing advice we are told: restrictive fad diets, complex workout routines, and buzz-word products that are supposed to help you along the way.
At Puresport it’s our mission to invest in our wellbeing naturally, harnessing the power of products, and a healthy lifestyle to make sustainable, long-term wellbeing differences: no fads, no quick fixes, just achievable everyday habits that compound over time. 
A small daily habit we invest in is making sure our bodies are sufficiently balanced with the right vitamins and minerals.
Here are #4 vitamins and minerals we think are essential to wellbeing, and where to find them.

#1 Vitamin D:

Commonly found in sunlight, Vitamin D is considered the sunshine vitamin. Health experts in the UK warn that the vast majority of people are deficient in Vitamin D, meaning bodily regulation of magnesium and phosphate are lower. This can result in weaker bones, teeth, and nails. 
The UK government advises supplementing Vitamin D to ensure sufficiency, even in winter months  

Puresport Destress Capsules contain Vitamin D. Our unique formulation contains key nootropics and adaptogens designed to help energise you all year round, and help your brain deal with symptoms of stress and anxiety. 

#2 Vitamin C:

Vitamin C seems to make its way into a wide range of products nowadays: from skincare to juice shots, this powerful and essential vitamin is responsible for protecting cells, maintaining healthy skin, and fighting disease. 
Vitamin C is commonly found in a variety of fruits and veg: citrus fruits, blackcurrants, peppers, and strawberries. 
To make sure we get our recommended 70mg a day, we use Puresport’s Boost Capsules – our powerful energy nootropic which harness the power of bioavailable vitamin C amongst other natural ingredients, including medicinal mushrooms like Lion's Mane and Chaga. 

#3 Vitamins B:

Increasingly talked about, the body’s need for B vitamins is a conversation often sparked in the plant-based world. 
However, many people are deficient in Vitamin B6, B9, and B12, all of which support the body’s processing of food, and, vitally, supports maintaining healthy iron levels, preventing conditions such as anaemia. 
Puresport harnesses powers of B vitamins in our product ranges, helping to support forgotten areas of nutrition, and supporting wellbeing: 
Destress Capsules contain Vitamin B12, and B9
Female Balance Hormone Health provides Vitamin B6, which helps support healthy iron levels, which can sometimes be affected by menstruation.

#4 Zinc

Commonly forgotten about, zinc is a key nutrient which supports your metabolism and immune system, commonly used to help fight and cure colds and other more minor ailments. 
Zinc however plays a fundamental part in maintaining full body health; between 8mg – 12mg per day is recommended. 
Zinc is found in food sources such as red meat and fortified breakfast cereals, but is a key ingredient in Puresport’s Unwind Capsules.
Zinc is also included in Puresport’s Female Balance Hormone Health supplement: designed to support women throughout their cycle, and strengthen them inside out.

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