Puresport is the UK’s leading natural wellness brand. Our partners are inspirational individuals working in the wellness, fitness, or recovery space. Join our Partnership Program to bring Puresport benefits to your clients and be a part of our community.

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  • Sam Perry, Online Coach

    "Being a part of the Puresport team is genuinely special, it's honestly like a big family. All of the events, the people and the products just make it so enjoyable and rewarding to be a part of. Taking Puresport is a non-negotiable for me, and whenever a client is looking for ways to help their sporting performance, it's always one of my first top tips."

  • Tara Bell, Equinox:

    “Puresport has massively helped me recover from years of sleep paralysis which previously hindered my active lifestyle as a personal trainer. The brand has also created the most inclusive and welcoming community for not only the fitness community, but for all people from all walks of life - I’ve met some of the closest friends at events I've attended! The products help me prepare for bigger events like marathon running, but also in my day to day life working with clients.”

  • Tom Oxley-Chalk, F45 Chelmsford:

    "Really happy to be part of the Puresport team for a number of reasons. Most importantly it's because I believe in the brand and all the products which enable recovery and focus. Using the products will unlock a persons potential, not only with their training but everyday life that is thrown at them. I love recommending Puresport to my clients and seeing how it changes their performance, sleep and recovery."


    Puresport can provide you and your clients with innovative natural wellness solutions to help with Sleep, Pain, Recovery, Energy, Cognitive Function and Hormone Health.


    Grow your reputation as a health + wellbeing expert, helping your clients achieve their goals of living happier, healthier lives for the long-term.


    Earn commission every time your clients order, and additional revenue every time you introduce a new customer to Puresport.

Our Mission

Puresport was founded in 2018 by Grayson Hart. Grayson sought a natural alternative to the heavy opioid-based painkillers he had become reliant upon to manage the knee injuries he developed from a career in professional rugby.

Whilst Grayson had heard of the benefits of CBD for pain and inflammation, he was unable to find a product on the market that was certified safe to use as a professional athlete. This need led Grayson to create his own CBD products, and Puresport became the first in the world to be approved by the BSCG (Banned Substances Control
Group), designating it safe for professional athletes. Over the past three years our community has expanded to users from all walks of life.

More than ever, people are seeking powerful natural products that act as alternatives to pharmaceuticals, and fit into a preventative approach to health and wellbeing over the long term.

We are a community of people, striving to live life optimally together. Want to join us? We want you.

How It Works


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