Which Type Of CBD Oil Tincture Should I Buy?

There are many different types of CBD oil on the market. With so many to choose from and so much information out there, there can be a lot on the road to making an informed decision.

The majority of CBD products come in a tincture form. A tincture is normally a 10ml or 30ml bottle of CBD mixed with a carrier oil. At Puresport, we use 30ml bottles for our tincture products.

The bottle comes with a pipette dropper that is used to suck up the contents of the bottle. Tincture form happens to be very popular as a sublingual application (absorbing underneath the tongue) is an effective way of ingesting CBD into the system. It’s as simple as shaking the bottle, sucking up a few drops and then placing the desired amount of drops underneath your tongue.

We recommend doing this in front of the mirror, to begin with as it can be difficult to see how many drops you are applying. After the drops have been applied leave them under your tongue for 30 seconds before swallowing, to allow for the best possible absorption.

An important factor that comes into play for consumers when choosing a tincture product is taste. CBD can be mixed with many different oil carriers. Oils are a relatively effective solution to mix CBD with as it binds with our body fat molecules, which the body is already prone to breaking down. Once the CBD is evenly mixed throughout the oil, it is then easy to measure a consistent dose. Some of the carrier oils that are used in tinctures are MCT coconut oil, Olive oil, Palm oil, Avocado oil or Hemp seed oil. There are many to choose from.

At Puresport, we use MCT Coconut oil. We believe this is the best carrier oil as it has little to no flavour, and tastes pleasant. It is also thinner than most oils, making it easy to administer and measure the correct dose. MCT Coconut oil also has natural anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. In our opinion, the best part about MCT Coconut oil is its abundance of saturated fats, particularly medium-chain triglycerides (MCT). MCT are smaller fat molecules that are easily absorbed by the body, directly through the liver.

We have sampled many different brands of CBD and one of the most off-putting things we have found can be the taste. Many customers that come to us also report this. Try avoiding products that don’t taste good, unless you are allergic to a certain carrier oil, there’s no real reason to put yourself through the pain of swallowing something that tastes like rotten vegetable oil before bed every night.

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