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  • CBD is one of the natural compounds found in cannabis plants. It is completely legal, non-addictive, and contains no psychoactive compounds. Millions of people have discovered the profound benefits CBD can have on a range of concerns such as pain-relief, stress-relief, recovery after workouts, better sleep, heightened focus, and better moods. This means CBD has revolutionised wellness, through allowing people to reconnect with natural wellness, as a trusted, scientific alternative to prescription or over-the-counter medications.

  • THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the compound in cannabis that is psychoactive. This means it can get you ‘high’, and is illegal in most countries. Puresport CBD is 0% THC, meaning there are no traces of THC in our CBD. This is verified by three separate independent labs. Further details of our stringent triple-batch testing can be found in our lab reports, which can be found below.

  • The main difference between CBD & THC is that CBD is legal in most countries, as it is non psychoactive (this means it doesn’t get you ‘high’). THC on the other hand, is psychoactive, meaning it does get you ‘high’, and is illegal in most countries. Another main difference is that people use CBD to enhance their wellness in relation to issues such sleep, muscle recovery, pain, stress, energy levels, and concentration. Whereas, most people taking THC will do so for recreational purposes.

  • Adaptogens are naturally occurring compounds (often plants, or herbs), which can have profound benefits in helping a range of wellness concerns. Adaptogens ‘adapt’ to you body and mind, meaning they can work with your hormones, and brain receptors to help optimise you physical and mental functioning.

  • Nootropics are a specific type of adaptogen, which specifically help cognitive functioning. This means Nootropics are used by people to aid concentration, focus, and creativity, and can help the mind deal with stress and anxiety. For this reason they are sometimes referred to as ‘study-drugs’ or ‘smart-drugs’. Nootropics are completely legal, and naturally occurring compounds, often derived from plants, herbs, or fungi.

  • Medicinal mushrooms are naturally occurring fungi including mushrooms you may have heard of like Lions Mane, Reishi, Shiitake, and Chaga. Medicinal mushrooms are not psilocybin mushrooms (magic mushrooms). This means (unlike magic mushrooms) they are completely legal, with no psychoactive properties - so they don’t get you high.

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