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    Female Balance | Hormone Health Nootropic Capsules

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    60 capsules
    • Vitamin B6
    • Ashwaganda
    • Chasteberry
    • Omega 3
    • Magnesium
    • Turmeric
    This world-leading supplement combines 8 key ingredients including Ashwagandha, Chasteberry, Vitamin B6 & Magnesium.

    Loved and trusted by women, Female Balance supplements support the mental, physical and emotional symptoms of the menstrual cycle, Endometriosis, Polycystic Ovaries & Menopause.

    Why it Works

    We have combined trusted adaptogens + vitamins into 1 powerful supplement to support all elements of women's health. This synergy of ingredients work with receptors in the brain which are responsible for regulating hormones, mood-swings, pain reception, and muscle tension. By working with your mind and body, this supplement is trusted by 1000s of women to support them throughout their entire cycle, and through life-stages such as the menopause, as well as providing game-changing relief for some women with Endometriosis & PCOS.

    Female Balance: Ingredients + How They Support Women's Health

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    Frequently asked questions
    • The Female Balance product was created to help support women throughout their cycle. Take 2 capsules daily throughout entire cycle in order to obtain highest product efficacy. We recommend taking this product for a duration of several months in order to experience best benefits. The effects of natural ingredients compound over time, meaning the highest perceived benefit of the product will be after prolonged usage.

    • Adaptogens are natural herbs that have the unique ability to enhance human resilience to stress. Adaptogens help us "adapt" to environmental stressors that challenge our internal balance, and can trigger hormonal responses - such as mood swings, hormonal headaches, skin break-outs, and muscle spasms (which contribute to female specific issues such as period pains). Adaptogens are different from nootropics in the sense that adaptogens have a non-specific response within the body - i.e. adaptogenic benefits are widespread, instead of focussing on a particular concern. This mans adaptogens are diverse and powerful ingredients in addressing multiple wellness concerns, and have compounding benefits.

    • Female Balance Hormone Health Supplement can be taken in conjunction with other Puresport products. If taking any other medication, especially oral contraceptives, please consult a health care professional. Puresport have designed a nootropic range which work together synergistically; the benefits of taking multiple supplements together can further enhance overall wellbeing. It is recommended to consult a medical professional before taking any kind of supplement, and to incorporate supplements into a wider healthy routine including good nutrition choices, and regular exercise.

    • Puresport's Female balance Health Hormones were developed by our very own Chelsea Hart. Chelsea lead the team in developing this product due to her personal experience with endometriosis, polycystic ovaries syndrome, and an astute awareness of the issues women can suffer with in relation to female anatomy, gynaecology, and their monthly cycle. The team developed Female Balance Hormone Health using natural ingredients designed to help regulate hormones, naturally relieve pain, support the body's response to stress, and act as anti-inflammatories, meaning they can assist with the symptoms of mensuration, PMS, and other female-related issues.

    • Turmeric is a spice that has been trusted by alternative medicine practices for centuries for a wide variety of reasons. Turmeric is high in antioxidants, and is also a natural anti-inflammatory. Turmeric has been found to have benefits for supporting hormonal regulation, as it works with the liver, which is responsible for regulating and moderating hormonal balance. Through doing this, turmeric can help support women with conditions such as PSOS and also symptoms of PMS. Turmeric may also be useful for women as it can be a natural pain-relief, supporting women throughout the aches and pains of their cycle and wider health-related events in their adult lives.

    • Vitamin B6 is one of the key B Vitamins which are fundamental to whole-body health, specifically for women. Vitamin B6 helps to make the hormones serotonin & dopamine, which are considered 'happiness hormones'. Through balancing these, Vitamin B6 can help relieve the symptoms of PMS & promote mood-stability. Research has also linked Vitamin B6 and pregnancy-induced nausea.

    • Our Female Balance capsules are completely vegan. The Omega 3 present in each capsule is sourced from flaxseed oil. There are no ingredients which are from animal products or derivatives. This means this product, as the rest of Puresport’s products, are completely vegan.

    • Although there are no negative effects of men taking the Female Balance Hormone Health supplement, this supplement has been specially developed and created to work with women’s bodies and hormones. Other of our nootropics may be more suitable to optimise male health.

    • The Chasteberry plant is native to the Mediterranean region of Asia. Scientific studies indicate have found that Chasteberry can support a variety of female specific issues, such as perimenopause, PMS, and can support some women through infertility issues. Studies have indicated that Chasteberry can help balance hormone regulation in women. Hormonal imbalance can perpetuate through women’s cycles, as well as being particularly out of balance during pregnancy, breast-feeding, menopause, and PMS. Through supporting hormonal balance, the negative emotional side-effects of some of these may be mitigated.

    • Ashwagandha is a herb which has been used for centuries in a variety of forms - including powdered, and as a tea. Ashwagandha can be used to support a variety of wellbeing concerns including helping to regulate mood, and help support calmness. Ashwagandha can also be used to support women’s health. Studies have found that Ashwagandha may function as a gentle hormone balancing agent, and may also contribute to good female reproductive health.

    • Magnesium is a micronutrient vital to support whole-body health such as cell and blood health. Magnesium also has a variety of specific benefits for women. Magnesium requirement can be boosted in women’s bodies due to a number of conditions, ane life-stages such as PCOs, menopause and pregnancy. For this reason, it’s vital women are sufficiently nourished in magnesium. Daily requirement for women is between 310-320mg per day. Magnesium rich foods include seeds, beans, spinach, and some fish, however supplementing magnesium can be a good way to ensure whole body health for women.

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