5 Nootropic Ingredients for Focus Support and Improvement

Focus is one of the most crucial cognitive skills for individuals looking to boost their performance since it allows us to more easily avoid distraction in the midst of an important task. For example, if you have a project that you have to get in ahead of a strict deadline, being able to focus will make that more likely to happen.

Some nootropics have long been credited with the ability to improve your focus, though knowing which ones isn’t the easiest task in the world. Due to the relatively conflicting and hard-to-find nature of info on nootropics, figuring out which of them will allow you to focus better may seem like it’s nearly impossible.

To make this easier on our readers, we’ve gone over scientific studies to determine which nootropics have the largest impact on your ability to focus. While these nootropics may not be guaranteed to instantly give you laser focus, ensuring that you stay on a supplement regimen consisting of them can ensure that your focus improves gradually.

So let’s figure out what is the best supplement for mental focus.


What is L-Theanine?

L-Theanine is the most common form of Theanine, which is an amino acid that is typically found in tea, though you can also find it in mushrooms. L-Theanine is an amino acid that is not produced by the human body naturally.

Some research shows that L-Theanine is capable of affecting the balance of chemicals in our brains. For example, the study that we’re referencing suggests that L-Theanine can affect the levels of dopamine and serotonin in your brain. Both of these chemicals are responsible for influencing emotions, sleep, and our moods.

One issue with L-Theanine is that the vast majority of studies that have been undertaken with it have only used animals as subjects. This results in a relative lack of quality research when it comes to how L-Theanine impacts human beings, though anecdotal evidence suggests that many of the animal studies’ results are valid in humans too.

Keep in mind that there are other forms of Theanine, as well. However, L-Theanine is the most common one, so it’s the one that you’ll see used in supplements most frequently such as in Puresport’s Destress Capsules.

Why Does It Help Enhance Focus and Cognitive Health?

This study claims that participants who took 100 mg of L-Theanine were less likely to make mistakes when it came to keeping their attention on a task than a group of people who were given a placebo. The interesting part is that there were other groups participating in the study, as well.

Some of these groups were given a combination of L-Theanine and caffeine, and they also showed increased focus. This was to test the hypothesis that L-Theanine and caffeine are able to give the user mutually beneficial effects, by cutting down on the caffeine shakes and enhancing the effects of the Theanine.

Bacopa Monnieri

What is Bacopa Monnieri?

Bacopa monnieri is an herb that can be found in Eastern and Southern India most prevalently, though it is also present in parts of the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. Its other names include waterhyssop, thyme-leafed gratiola, brahmi, Indian pennywort, and herb of grace.

Bacopa monnieri is commonly used in Ayurvedic medicine, and like many other herbs that are used in the practice, it has many anecdotal claims as to its ability to heal. Some of the uses of this herb throughout history include the improvement of an individual’s memory but it has also been claimed to be the source of improved cognitive ability.

As one of the oldest nootropics for focus and motivation, bacopa monnieri has a long history, but studies on its ability to improve those abilities have only recently taken place. One thing to account for is that bacopa monnieri isn’t the only plant that’s called brahmi in India. Gotu kola is also known by that name, so be sure not to mistake one for the other.

Why Does It Help Enhance Focus and Cognitive Health?

Studies on bacopa monnieri’s ability to improve cognition and brain function are still relatively recent, but one particular study has shown promising results. This study was performed on mice and it showed that the test subjects were able to retain more info when they had their diets supplemented with bacopa monnieri.

The same study showed that the mice also had improved spatial learning capabilities once they had their diets supplemented with bacopa monnieri. However, not all studies on bacopa monnieri have necessarily been on animals, with some studies showing promising results in humans, as well.

For example, this study was conducted over the course of 12 weeks on 46 healthy participants. Those who took 300 mg of the supplement each day showed an increase in their ability to learn, the speed at which they processed visual info, and their memory. This was compared to participants who took a placebo.

All of this goes to show that bacopa monnieri is very likely to improve focus and cognition, based on your definition of those two terms.


What is Ginseng?

Ginseng isn’t only one plant but rather the root of several plants. Each one of these plants is part of the Panax genus. Some of the most common types of ginseng include Korean ginseng, American ginseng, and South China ginseng. The active ingredients in these roots include gintonin and ginsenosides.

One of the strange things about ginseng is that many studies tend to be inconclusive when determining its therapeutic capabilities despite the root being used in many different forms of traditional medicine throughout history. While there isn’t a large body of evidence, there is some evidence that suggests that ginseng may aid in maintaining health and cognition.

While traditional Chinese medicine practitioners state that American ginseng is less capable than Asian ginseng, this has yet to be confirmed through study. 

Keep in mind that there are also other herbs that are known as ginseng, such as Siberian ginseng and eleuthero, but neither of these contain ginsenosides, which is the ingredient that is supposedly responsible for the plant’s therapeutic qualities.

Why Does It Help Enhance Focus and Cognitive Health?

Ginseng has been used in many clinical trials to determine whether it’s capable of affecting our cognition and our focus. Unfortunately, the results have been largely inconsistent and the testing methods haven’t matched across the trials. There has also never been a long-term study on the effects of ginseng.

One promising review of the literature on the subjects states that the benefits of using ginseng for enhanced focus and cognition outweigh the risks of using it. One thing that the review did state was that the results weren’t entirely consistent across all of the constituent studies, however.

One of the studies that was featured in the review that we just mentioned stated that consuming 400 mg of ginseng per day improved attention but had little effect on a subject’s memory.

Yet another fascinating study was of nearly 6500 elderly individuals living in South Korea. The study determined that those who had consumed more ginseng over the course of the last five years had higher scores in cognition than those who had never used ginseng before.

This test also accounted for controlling factors like alcohol intake and education to determine that ginseng does likely have an effect on our cognition.

In spite of what may sound like concrete evidence, the conflicting nature of some studies has cast doubt over ginseng’s capabilities. For example, some studies have determined that it affects memory and not focus while others have determined that ginseng affects focus but not memory.

Omega 3

What is Omega 3?

Omega 3 is not only a single fatty acid but a whole category of them that are essential nutrients. An essential nutrient is something that our body needs but it can’t create on its own, much like salt. Omega 3 fatty acids do several things to ensure that our bodies are running properly.

Omega 3 benefits stretch far and wide, and they go beyond simply improving your focus and your cognition. Omega 3 fatty acids have been shown to have antioxidant effects, making those who consume them less likely to contract diseases because these acids pick up the free radicals that are present in their bodies.

Supplements containing Omega 3 fatty acids are recommended for those who don’t get enough fish or nuts in their diets so that they can enjoy the Omega 3 focus concentration benefits without consuming the most common sources.

Why Does It Help Enhance Focus and Cognitive Health?

These fatty acids are some of the best nootropic ingredients because of their natural versatility, but what can they do to enhance your focus and cognition specifically? One of the more recent studies on this supplement has shown that Omega 3 fatty acids can potentially counter the negative effects of air pollution on the brain.

Along with reducing the negative effects of ageing on the brains of the participants in the study, the scientists determined that damage from neurotoxins like mercury and lead could also be reduced using Omega 3 fatty acids.

One thing that scientists have noted is that your blood levels of Omega 3 fatty acids may not necessarily tell them how much of it is actually getting to your brain, which is what has resulted in inconsistent study results in the past.

Ginkgo Biloba

What is Ginkgo Biloba?

One of the most exciting things about ginkgo biloba is that it is the last extant plant in its order. Some botanists refer to ginkgo biloba as a living fossil because of this. The plant is also known as maidenhair, and it has historically grown in China, where it is typically used in traditional medicine.

Many of the claimed benefits of ginkgo biloba include its ability to promote blood circulation as well as brain improvements in those who consume it as a supplement, including improved cognition and focus.

Why Does It Help Enhance Focus and Cognitive Health?

While it hasn’t been the topic of many studies, some of them have focused on ginkgo biloba’s ability to improve brain function in healthy individuals. For example, this study shows that participants who took ginkgo biloba were able to improve their mental performance and how well they felt about themselves.

Keep in mind that results have been mixed when it comes to the research related to ginkgo biloba and its ability to enhance focus and cognition. For example, the following review states that the verdict is still out on whether this supplement can help improve both of those factors or whether the studies are just a matter of coincidence. In any case, checkout Puresport’s Destress Oil, for improved focus and the opportunity for greater peace of mind.

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