Both research and anecdotal evidence has shown that CBD has many positive effects, but can it help you improve your workouts? We’re going to take a detailed look at using CBD as a pre-workout supplement and we’ll explore all of the ways that it may be able to benefit you, the proper amount to use, and the type of CBD that will help most.

Using CBD as a Pre-Workout

While CBD has been present in the athletic world for a while now, most users tend to resort to using it as a post-workout supplement. While it certainly works in that role, there are many athletes, both everyday and professional, who are starting to use it as a pre-workout supplement.

Due to how recently people have started using CBD in their pre-workout routines, many questions abound as to how it should be used, what it can do, and the type of CBD to take for the best effect. The first thing to consider is how your CBD is formulated and whether it’s been tested.

If you’re a professional athlete, you want to avoid any potential issues with banned substances, so it’s a good idea to purchase CBD pre workout products that have been tested by the Banned Substances Control Group. Puresport’s products, including some of our tinctures, have been tested by the BSCG.

Once you’ve made sure that your CBD will not have any banned substances in it, the time has come to decide on the method of delivery. Some athletes prefer a slower delivery method when they use CBD as a pre-workout supplement so they can feel the effects of the CBD throughout their exercise period.

CBD energy is a great way to keep going throughout a long workout, and using things like capsules or ingesting tinctures directly will ensure that the CBD is released throughout your system more slowly. However, there are other benefits to using CBD before workout aside from the energy boost that it may provide.

If you’re dealing with stiff joints before a workout because you’ve been pushing your body over the course of the last few days, you may be looking for a way to make your warmup a little less painful. Topical CBD products are usually the best choice to help you deal with issues like these.

If you’d like to work out any issues with joint soreness and stiffness before you get started working out, we’d recommend using our Pure Freeze Roll On or our Muscle and Joint Balm. Both of these products may be applied topically, giving you some momentary relief so that you can get your blood pumping.

You’ll also want to account for the type of CBD that is used in the supplements that you purchase. You can choose between full-spectrum extracts, broad-spectrum extracts, and CBD isolate. They differ in the compounds that they still contain from the hemp plant that they were harvested from.

For example, full-spectrum CBD will contain a range of terpenes and other compounds that you won’t find in the other varieties of CBD. Broad-spectrum, like the name suggests, will contain many of the same compounds as full-spectrum CBD, but it will not contain all of them.

Finally, CBD isolate will contain nothing but the CBD itself, as it has been harvested to exclude the additional compounds that are usually present in hemp. Professional athletes usually opt for CBD isolate to ensure that they don’t end up in trouble with local anti-doping authorities.

How CBD Can Help Enhance Workouts

There are three major ways that CBD can help enhance your workouts, regardless of whether you use it pre- or post-workout. The first is that it will help you get better sleep, improving your recovery times. The next is helping your muscles relax and heal. The final benefit is that it can reduce joint inflammation.

Better Sleep

Studies have shown that CBD is able to help study participants sleep better than those taking a placebo, and it has even been shown to help users deal with insomnia. Sleep is a crucial part of athletic recovery, and getting enough sleep can ensure that you’re able to keep training more effectively.

When you’re asleep, your body repairs the damage that it sustained over the course of the previous day. Even if you didn’t sustain any injuries over the course of your workout, your muscles and joints likely have small amounts of damage that occur over the course of any strenuous activity.

This is a key mechanism in muscular growth, as your muscle fibres break down and are rebuilt stronger, making you capable of doing more with them in terms of outright strength and endurance. However, if you’re not getting enough sleep, this may end up being hampered.

One of Pureport’s customers, Emma Hunter, had this to say about our products’ effect on her ability to sleep:

“Had already been using the cbd oil in various strengths for about 6 months. Bought the unwind capsules to try to see how they’d go and they have been amazing for my sleep! Falling asleep faster, better quality sleep and feeling more rested when I wake up! 💜”

Relaxed Muscle Tension

CBD has also been shown to reduce muscular tension and inflammation, though there has also been quite a bit of anecdotal evidence from CBD users that their muscles recover more quickly when they use it. For example, this study covers the anti-inflammatory and antioxidative properties of CBD.

Reducing the amount of inflammation in your muscles will reduce the amount of pain that you feel while they are recovering and it will also allow them to rebuild the muscular tissue quicker. This helps ensure that you can get back to training quicker, making your schedule more consistent.

Along with improving your recovery times, relaxing your muscle tension will also allow you to more effectively use your muscles over the course of a workout. It will help you improve your range of motion as well as the maximum amount of strength and endurance that you can get out of your muscles.

Here is what Alice Harvey had to say about Puresport’s ability to ease muscle tension:

“Quick, prompt delivery. I’ve been using the product daily since it arrived and it helps to massage the muscles, particularly after a heavy training day!”

Reduced Joint Inflammation

If you’re a runner or a jogger, you may find CBD particularly useful since it will allow you to cut down on the amount of joint inflammation that you experience when applied topically. Studies have shown that topical application of CBD on joints that are inflamed can help cut down on both inflammation and pain.

By reducing your inflammation and pain, you’ll be able to start working out again sooner. We’ve also already mentioned how you can more easily get into your warmup by working past the pain to the point that the natural endorphins from working out will help suppress your joint pain and keep you going.

While using CBD through other methods may help reduce inflammation in other parts of the body, research shows that topical application is the best option when it comes to treating your joints. This can also help athletes who are dealing with arthritis keep up with their exercise routines.

Robin Mackay had this to say about Puresport’s ability to help with joint pain:

“I have rheumatoid arthritis, the CBD muscle and joint rub is amazing and smells great. Thank you Puresport 😀.”

Benefits of Using CBD Before a Workout

CBD pre-workout benefits include an increase in focus and a feeling of calm, less anxiety about how you will perform, and reduced pain due to inflammation so that you can get started with greater ease. It will also boost your energy levels and it acts as an anti-catabolic, promoting tissue growth.

Improved Focus and Calm

CBD for athletes can help result in an increase in focus, allowing you to put more thought into your movements so that you can perform more precisely. Whether you’re doing body weight exercises and you want to perfect your form or if you’re cycling and you want to get the most out of your body, focus can help immensely.

Less Anxiety

Performance anxiety can often be a challenge for athletes, especially before big games or competitions. Athletes who are worried about letting their anxiety get the best of them may do well to turn to CBD so that they can perform without having their mind hold them back from their true abilities.

Many athletes may be physically capable but may lack the mental preparation to do their best, and this is often one of the hardest hurdles to overcome. Studies have shown that CBD can help reduce your anxiety levels in day to day life or in specific situations like workouts and sporting events.

Pain Relief for Easier Warmups

If you’re struggling to get started exercising because you’re dealing with aches and pains resulting from a previous workout or sporting event, then you may be tempted to give up. DOMS is a common reason not to work out, but powering through it will often allow you to still enjoy the benefits of a workout.

Thanks to CBD’s ability to reduce pain and inflammation, you’ll be able to get started with your workout without experiencing as much pain. CBD for sports allows you to improve your ability to work out repeatedly so that you can enjoy the best possible gains without having to suffer through pain to get them.

More Energy

CBD energy is something that is often debated by users because the degree of the energy boost depends on the person taking the supplement. Studies have shown that CBD is able to help users reduce their degree of grogginess when they wake up in the morning, allowing them to get their day started with ease.

If you’re trying to get a good workout in, it usually helps to get up early in the day so that you’re feeling properly energised. While it may feel like you’re getting rest when you spend your time in bed in the morning, you aren’t getting REM sleep, which is what’s responsible for your feeling of restfulness.


CBD is an anti-catabolic, which means that it will let you more efficiently build up lean muscle. Anti-catabolics help reduce the production of Cortisol, which is the body’s stress hormone. This hormone is produced whenever the body goes through something stressful, like working out.

As your body responds to the physical stress that you’re experiencing, it will start to reduce tissue growth and protein synthesis as a means of protection. Unfortunately, this also reduces your gains. As CBD slows the amount of cortisol that is produced by your body, it will start to grow tissue faster and synthesise more proteins.

How Much CBD Should You Take Before Workouts?

The amount of CBD that you take before a workout depends on the kind of CBD product that you’re using in the first place. For example, the dosage will vary dramatically when comparing a CBD muscle balm to something like a refined CBD oil which will be a lot more concentrated and potent.

In most cases, CBD muscle balms and other topicals will give you detailed info about the amount that you should be using to treat joint and muscle pain. Read the back label carefully since the concentration of CBD will vary based on the exact topical solution that you’re using.

In most cases, you’ll want to rub a bit of the CBD muscle balm between your hands and rub it into the area that you’re experiencing pain, much like other lotions or topical ointments. Due to the relatively low bioavailability of CBD in a topical ointment, you usually won’t have to worry about using too much of it.

On the other hand, when it comes to determining the right dosage for CBD oil, you’ll have to put a little bit more thought into things. It may be easier to figure out how much CBD you should use if you’ve already been using CBD for other conditions because you’ll have a baseline dosage to start with.

If you’re new to CBD oil and you have no idea what dosage to start with, it’s usually a good idea to start with about 10 ml or mg per day. You should take this much for a week when you’re getting started to let your body get used to the supplement and to ensure that you don’t have to deal with any allergic reactions.

If you find that this dosage isn’t helping you, try and bump up the dosage to 20 mg or ml per day. After one more week, if this isn’t working, incrementally increase your dosage by 5 mg or ml per week until you start feeling the effects that you’re looking for out of your CBD supplement.

Puresport’s CBD Topical

If you’re looking to get started with CBD and exercises, you may be looking for the perfect topical solution that you can use to assuage the soreness in your muscles and joints.

This muscle recovery CBD topical ointment will allow you to prepare your body for a workout and will reduce the amount of inflammation that will develop over the course of your workout. This will make it easier to work out for extended periods of time, getting you better gains over the course of a day.

However, along with a pre-workout application to your muscles to make them less sore over the course of a workout, you can also use the Muscle & Joint Balm to cut down on the amount of pain that you experience after a workout. This is due to its ability to reduce the occurrence of DOMS.

By making DOMS more bearable, you’ll be able to make it through subsequent workouts without as much soreness pushing you away from exercising on that particular day. The same goes for the Balm’s ability to cut down on the amount of joint pain that you’re experiencing.

If you spent a long day running and your joints are causing you pain, then you’ll likely experience quite a bit of relief after you rub this CBD topical into the joints that are causing you problems. This can also help if you’re trying to keep exercising while suffering from arthritis.

CBD’s benefits are well documented, and as medical research continues to dive deeper into the effects and long term opportunities it presents, the more uses can be discovered as a performance enhancing alternative to more damaging and costly options.


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